Congrats to the 300€ Cash Race Jackpot

The battles for the top positions in the November Cash Race were fierce right up until the last minute! It was only 3 points that separated position 4 and 6:

#1 antti870 (716)
#2 whheee (700)
#3 speedtrap117 (411)
#4 mr_fingerspitzengefuehl (402)
#5 jollyman77 (401)
#6 cksimgaming (399)
#7 atleten1 (356)
#8 thereiska83 (318)
#9 powaflowa (313)
#10 smart_croatia (309)

Hint: when this tight on the very last day it might be worth to sacrifice points with the gambling command in chat if close to extra entries on the wheel.

On the first spin 50€ went to viewer schalkeandi (19th position and 1 entry), but his, as well as the rest of the competition, was wiped out when the wheel landed on a Jackpot entry on the very next spin awarding viewer whheee a total sum of 300€! Congratulations.

As much fun as it has been with the Jackpot entries I have decided to get rid of it. I can’t help to feel that the more people that get a chance to win the money, the better. So, new rules apply. Check the forum for the updated terms and rules.

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