The Battle for the Top 25

Let’s have a look at the current leaderboard. We’re 4 days into the Cash Race with 21 days to go. The top five will get 2 entries on the wheel each + a jackpot 1 entry. This jackpot entry is very benificial and if either one of those entries lands on the wheel that person will wipe out all the other winners and claim all of the 200€ + the glory of being the winner of the Blackcatseven Cash Race.

Remember also that far from all on this list are eligible at the moment as they have not followed the instructions which state:

You MUST be a member of this forum and confirmed so by having posted a proper introduction here. This is very important to minimize the risk of bots or fake/multiple accounts taking part. If you have not done so by the 25th of the month you will NOT be eligible nor placed on the CashWheel. Don’t forget to share your Twitch username so we know who you are.

If this means only 3 persons in the top 25 have done as instructed then only 3 persons will be put on the wheel. I don’t care about all the whining that may come 😛

Currently it is nathan, whheee, petski, reiska and atleten who owns the top 5 with one jackpot entry each. The further into the month we go the more the list is likely to settle. Those not qualified in the top 25 will have to either risk it by gambling their points (!roulette, !duel) or they will have to win in any of the Kiwano raffles coming up.

#1 nathan_bainbridge 114
#2 whheee 108
#3 petski80 108
#4 thereiska83 94
#5 atleten1 91
#6 jollyman77 84
#7 speedtrap117 79
#8 monsieurrekt 74
#9 specic0r 71
#10 hammerfan666 69
#11 umutarnos 68
#12 routnet 64
#13 mr_fingerspitzengefuehl 64
#14 smart_croatia 63
#15 powaflowa 60
#16 mokado72 57
#17 edgar_yt 57
#18 zolo334 54
#19 johnnydbravo 52
#20 camilla1985 51
#21 allreven 48
#22 silentslots 45
#23 veldakorn 44
#24 payornay 44
#25 faegwent 41

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