Zeppelin vs Dead or Alive

Those of you who regularly follow my streams know I’ve been playing the slot Cazino Zeppelin (Yggdrasil) at least once per session and not only on stream but off stream as well.

This probably adds up to on average one session on Cazino Zeppelin per day for at least 3 months and amazingly I have still not hit a wild line on this slot. I probably only hit the retrigger three or four times during all this time. Compare this to Dead or Alive where I hit 5 wild lines in November of 2016 alone and the retrigger doesn’t seem that impossible to hit. Now, I know it might all come down to circumstances, luck and bad luck but for every session it seems more and more obvious that Dead or Alive is the better choice to hit wild lines.

Cazino Zeppelin just seems way too high volatile to a point where it’s always ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I do still enjoy the game because you can quite often still manage to leave it with a profit and it can also be a great slot for wagering, but I hear myself bitch and moan about it more and more. Most of us know Yggdrasil are generally quite hard to trigger bonus on and Zeppelin is no exception. The two scatter teases can be a bitch going on for ages and still not hit a bonus. In fact, once I remember it going over a week of daily game play without even hitting one bonus.

So will I give up on the wild line? Probably not. Honestly I do start to feel more and more like an idiot for playing this because I spent way too much money on it but something makes me want to have that wild line. It’s top priority on my bucket list.

When I do get it I hope it will happen on stream and then I can promise you an epic celebration.

My last good hit on Cazino Zeppelin.


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