Finally some really good hits! Have been doing pretty good on most slots tonight but this one was amazing! x1400 win (€430 on €0.3 bet).


Later on got 70 (!!) freespins on Pick N Mix and thought I would walk away with a lot more, but still good I guess (€70 win on €0.4 bet).


Royal Masquerade payed too 🙂

masquerade2 masquerade1

High Society gave me an awesome hit on the basic game! (€77 win on €0.5 bet).


Cashed out in total €500 and went on to play Ruby Slippers and had a €50 hit on a €0.3 bet.



  1. I miss you and your lovely family. And I miss your streams. If you want to stop streaming I think you should do a last goodbye stream. I´ve had your channel in my browser since your your vacation just waiting and waiting for you to be online.
    And I wish you well with the slotgods

    • Aaawwww atleten1! So nice to hear from you! I really, really miss all of you. There’s almost not a day that goes by without me thinking of the fun times we had on Twitch. The harsh reality is that I haven’t recovered from my losses. After last night winnings I am somewhat back on my feet so I haven’t given up on the idea of streaming! Like many of the other big streamers I don’t make any money at all on referals and I’m not interested in attracting new customers to the casinos through giveaways and such so I have to rely 100% on my winnings, which when it comes to casino as you are probably well aware of is quite hard. But with all of that said. I DO plan on streaming again. Even if it is just one stream here and one stream there 🙂 Take care my good friend. Love /Daniel

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