Where’s The Black Cat?

Hi guys!

I’ve received quite a few messages recently asking me why I haven’t been streaming and when I will be back. I’ve also noticed rumours circulating about me having gone bankrupt, which I guess kind of makes sense, being a casino streamer gambling day in and day out.

But here’s the deal…

It all started with me getting a really bad flu back in early december, which I still haven’t recovered fully from as I’m still caughing. Being away for more than a week makes you kind of lose momentum and I guess I just got lazy and lost motivation to stream. The thing is, there are things I don’t like about the casino streaming community which often makes me struggle with streaming and makes it hard for me to keep myself motivated. In fact, there are some things I hate about it – The fake money streamers, view botters, morons promoting whatever crappy casino to make a quick buck, the irresponsible gambling and the aggressive commercialization of casino streaming. I don’t like it one bit. But it’s out of my control and I try not to let it stop me.

I know CasinoTwitcher went through the same thoughts before quitting, but I’m trying not to give up because I genuinelly love the people watching my stream, many whom have become good friends. Friends I miss when not streaming. When I come back, because I will be back, I will focus on my stream and try to block out all the bullshit going on all around.

As I’ve grown more distant from streaming, I’ve focused on my websites instead, which I’ve had a lot of fun working on! In fact, it’s been going very well and it’s attracting more and more visitors every month. I’m in close contact with all the big game providers to give you guys the best and latest news and Bigwinboard.com is very often first to give you all the latest.

So, I’m not bankrupt. Not even close. In fact, I’m taking a break from my job to work full time on my sites. And as you’ve seen I haven’t been lazy doing nothing. I’ve worked super hard to build the best online casino news site on the world wide web.

But I do miss streaming and I’m planning to be back soon. I can’t say exactly when, because I have a lot of work in front of me with my sites, but hopefully sometime in February.

I guess after over a year of constant streaming a break was kind of needed. But expect me to be back with full force and renewed motivation!

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