What’s up with some slots??

Ok, I know I have been winning lately but some slots really gets on my tits. Let’s start with The Finer Reels of Life. I don’t think I have had a bonus in that slot for months. I can’t honestly not remember the last time I had a bonus on it and I have played it plenty of times. I did have a 3 reel champagne feature that payed shit but nothing other than that. How is this even possible? It’s like they lowered rtp on this slot to 42% or made it insanely high volatile.

Some of you probably don’t understand what I’m talking about and hit bonus after bonus but it just aint happening over here. When I play it these days it’s more just to remind myself of how rigged that piece of shit really is instead of hoping for a big win.

Another one is Crappy Duck. When it first was released outside of LeoVegas I hit bonus after bonus and nice base game hits, but now they flicked the kill switch on me. Can’t hit a f***ing bonus at all. Ok, ok to be honest I did have a bonus the other day and let my daughter pick duck (calm down, she think’s it some funny Disney videogame) and to my surprise got the Double Feature! Shit was rigged however and I don’t think I even won 20x.

Jurassic Park has been pretty dead lately as well and it happened before when there were weeks of gameplay without hitting a single feature. At the moment I get nothing out of it, no base game hits nor T-rex features.

I’m not even going to mention Book of Dead. It’s an evil, evil, disgusting slot…95% of the times 😛

But there are a few light spots such as Bust the Bank which has been amazing. It’s pretty much been like a well of fortune for me where I’ve gone to fill up the balance lol.

However, tonight I ripped two bullets 160€ x 2 getting only 1 shit feature (the second bullet was a novo bullet so was prepared for a fast rip).

Haven’t been super motivated to stream. Partly because it’s summer and there are other fun stuff to do, but also I’ve been a bit turned off by stuff I see on Twitch lately and the development over there. Love my viewers, it has nothing to do with that but to see streams become an industry is just shit imo.

Oh well, rant over.

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