What a day!!!

Let me take you through the crazy day that I had this Saturday. I woke up at around noon, kind of feeling a bit blue about having ripped yet another 2 bullets last night. The past week had been horrible added to an already not so good month. Since I had to pick up my parents at the airport I decided to do an early stream and got online at around 1.30 pm after having some coffee.

It all started like it always does, said hello to all my lovely regulars and was super glad to see smart_croatia again who had been away for holiday. I was prepairing for another rip and kind of already accepted my fate. That’s when things suddenly turned around and everything seemed to happen at the same time. Host from Casinomon, 20€ donation from Casinomon, 100-fucking-Euro donation from Badazzbear1 (adding up to a total of over 600€ donations from him) and the slots just decided to give me love too when Power Stars gave me the 3 stars twice within minutes and Lucky Lady’s Charm decided to give me 90 free spins:

I couldn’t help myself. Got really emotional on stream.

I eventually stopped streaming with a balance of 550€ (125€ +125€ start) and decided to play it down to 400€ after dinner. But instead the slots got even crazier and I hit 6 bonuses in Book of Ra within 19 minutes getting the explorer symbol twice!

I ended the day with a lot of new followers and a 1500€ cashout!! This meant I had recovered most of my losses from the last week and even got into profit land. Very, very nice!

Thank you all being there and showing your support!

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