Wassup BlackCat?

As most of you might have noticed I haven’t been streaming very much. I get messages every day asking where I am and when I’m streaming again so I figured I’d do a little update.

I have been streaming almost non-stop for over 7 months and while it’s been super fun it does take it’s toll a bit. The streaming part is one thing, but there are million things going on around all of this that viewers don’t see such as updating pages, keeping track of the affiliate part of this, working with giveaways and crediting players, updating Youtube, editing videos, etc, etc.

But even though I’ve been streaming less I haven’t just been doing nothing. In fact I’ve been working even harder with my websites. Together with viewer Korshac I’ve been working on BigWinBoard.com which has taken a lot of my time. I would really appreciate if you guys would upload your big wins to the forum.

I will focus more on streaming after my vacation when I have loaded the batteries a bit but this doesn’t mean I won’t stream until then. In fact I am planning a stream tonight 🙂

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