Want to start streaming again!

Before leaving for holiday and thus taking a break from streaming I had already started having doubts about the future on Twitch. While streaming casino games live is one of the best things I have done in my life and something that has enriched my life with new experiences and new friends, it does get expensive pretty quickly if you don’t have a series of nice wins.

For me personally casino games have been good. I am still on the plus side since I started playing slots online a little over a year ago but recently I’ve been more and more on a downswing and it’s beginning to be a little more painful than I would like. To be able to stream in the long run you must have some kind of financial support, either by the backing of a casino or by income through affiliates. I never put much effort into any of those things, I just wanted to play and don’t worry about any business stuff. I wasn’t really into the whole idea of give aways and raffles either as I only wanted to attract viewers that were genuinely there for “the show”. But I guess I was naive and I understand that if I want to keep doing this I will need some help.

So at the moment I am looking for a partnership with a casino where I don’t have to invest too much of my own money or at least find a solution so I have some sort of steady income, because the way I see it I want to focus on the entertainment side of all of this. I look at all of this as an entertainment show sort of and I want to do this full time of course, but I am not sure if it is possible. The casino must get something out of it too obviously and hopefully I’ll find one that feel they want to invest in me and see the potential to use me as a public relations tool or whatever haha. That way I might fully enjoy streaming on Twitch and give my all for you guys because I really, really miss you guys :,(

I have gotten some offers from a few casinos and I’m currently discussing with some of them, but honestly I have not been offered a deal I feel I can jump on straight away, all though one is very interesting.

There are plenty of morons that play with fake money, I will never be one of those. I’d rather quit and never stream again.

Hopefully I’ll see you online in a not too distant future!


  1. Have you spoken to other streamers to ask them how they manage. Genuine streamers. Not those who play with the casino’s money only. People like casinotwitcher. Letsgiveitaspin. Nickslots etc. Really loved your stream. Such a nice family.

    • Hi Borgie!

      Thank you so much for your comment. In regard to the fake streamers I think I know fairly well how to spot them and playing with fake money is something I would never concider ever! I’d rather not stream at all then as is the case at the moment. I have talked a bit to some casinos who are active on Twitch and from my understanding the main income for the streamers is not winnings from games but through affiliate links. But for that to start happen you have to play for a while and build your following which also means investing into your channel by making deposits. Streaming also takes time and I have a family which is my main priority so I try to find a way to make room for streaming when I got a full time job which is in the way lol. Thank you so much for the kind words Borgie. I hope I’ll be back online soon <3

  2. You are a smart guy Daniel. No need of spending a lot of money on streaming if the extra income doesnt cover it. And obv Marina and the kids have to be number one priority when it comes to free time. With that said I still hope that some Casino gives u a great deal. They would be stupid not to. 🙂

    • Trazke!! We were talking about you the other day haha. Marina was joking about what would happen if someone would recognize us in Casino Cosmopol like, what if Trazke would sneak up from behind and go “Whatever you do Daniel, DO NOT LEAVE THAT MACHINE!”

      I really miss you man 🙁 Hope I can start streaming again, but I won’t allow it to ruin me. It should be fun and healty so to speak. Take care my friend.

      • hahaha Lovely Marina! 🙂 I miss you guys to, but as u say. It has to be fun to gamble, if there is pressure of winning to fund the stream it takes the fun out of it. Take care guys.

  3. I honestly think you should just leave the streaming. It’s very expensive and you need a massive following with people donating and to be an affiliate to get money into help fund stream. You have your priorities exactly right. Your family come first. Or you could just stream once a month maybe. Do you get the casumo 80 percent bonus that oother streamers get ?

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