Wager Nightmare

This weekend was truly a rollercoaster…BIG time. On saturday I was on top of the world and actually had two of my biggest wins since I started playing slots, and my biggest win on stream yet! I was so happy to have this big win with the company of my viewers that I tossed the chair and broke it, resulting in the wife almost falling to the floor 😀

Watch it here:

I ended the stream with a profit and in good spirits. Off stream however I continued the party with some more beer and slots lol. I actually sat up until 5 am trying to finish the wager. The slots were simply way too hot to walk away from. Then at around 1 am I hit this bad boy!

The balance peaked at €1400 before I gave up and went to sleep. I just simply didn’t have any more energy left in me to finish the wager.

Come sunday and it’s time to stream again, with a bit of a hangover as usual and with not much sleep. The slots were dead cold right from the start! Played probably way over an hour without a single bonus round. I started to feel really tilted and stressed out about possibly not being able to finish the wager. It was hard to focus on having fun at this moment. I stopped the stream when balance was at €900 because there simply was no point in struggling when the slots were so awfully bad.

After a bit of a break I continued the wagering off stream and the slots were even worse! At one point I couldn’t even wager anything at all as I got no small base game hits whatsoever! By this time I was cursing and pacing and ripping my hair haha.

But after another small break the slots warmed up a little bit and I had a 250x win on Montezuma and some other small wins here and there that allowed me to finish wager. I actually came really close to yet another wild line on DoA on a 54 cent bet.

In the end I cashed out 8000 SEK (€800) which makes it a 6000 SEK profit (2000 SEK dep). At the moment I am up €1400 on Kaboo since I started playing there!!

I don’t think it is a good idea to have a sunday stream to be honest haha. I’m usually in a terrible shape so will most likely move it to another day.

Thank you all for hanging out. I hope you had a good time! <3

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