tsars casino

Beware, there are scammers streaming casino gameplay on Twitch and Youtube. These scammers play with money that cannot be withdrawn or simply through a demo account. If you’ve been around for a while it might soon become apparent to you.

These scammers do not risk their own money whatsoever and therefor do not even remotely represent what casino is about for the rest of us. Their only purpose is to attract new players to their crappy casino which they do by lying and cheating, not by being enthusiastic gamblers themselves. Instead, they want you to risk your money while they do not have to. Honesty towards the viewers is the key. Play with mickey mouse money as much as you want, but be honest and transparent about it! These fake casino streamers are also often quick to ban anyone ever questioning them regarding this topic.

Sadly many viewers do not understand this or choose to look away. Some even seem to accept it with the excuse they’re there for the entertainment which is a bit frustrating knowing they’re encouraging these scammers while the rest of us risk our own hard earned money.

I myself have been offered fake money by casinos, which I have of course turned down. This is what one of the conversations looked like that I had with a quite respectable casino. Very disappointing indeed. I have chosen to mask the name of the affiliate manager for now.

It’s “real money”, really? How is money that cannot be withdrawn real money? Jeez.

Thankfully most casino streamers seem to be decent people who take a strong stance against fake casino streaming. As a viewer you can of course never be 100% sure, but go with your gut feeling and you’ll probably be fine. You have the right as a viewer to ask questions and if you are not satisfied with the answers or find anything about the stream shady, give some other streamer a shot! That’s my advice.

Some tell tale signs that many fake streamers have in common:

  • They usually promote the same crap casino with stupid 500% dep bonuses, shitty selection of slots, etc – casinos no one in their right mind would spend any time with.
  • Some of them do not even display the name of the casino while streaming, as if they’re hiding something. Basically all you see is the slot window and a shitload of signup ads.
  • They are somehow able to stream every day with a massive balance, doing big bets (of course even between legit streamers the size of the bankroll will vary quite a lot, but you probably know what I mean. The fake streamers do their stupid bets and don’t even seem to care either).
  • If they have so much money to piss away on every stream like it’s nothing, why bother having €300 donation goal, right?.
  • They will often ban you if you start questioning them regarding their legitimacy.
  • Obvious faked enthusiasm.

You will never find me playing with fake money because of a few simple and obvious reasons:

A). I love gambling and I want to win! That’s the main reason I’m doing this.

B). Playing with fake money would bore the living hell out of me even if it allowed me to make affiliation money without taking a risk (gambling is all about risks, that’s the kick for me).

C). I represent myself on stream, I’m not anonymous. I sit there, show my face every time I do this and so do my other legit streamer friends. I think I speak for most of us when I say it wouldn’t be anywhere near worth it to be caught red handed as a scammer. Some people however don’t give a shit. All they want is easy money. Criminal scumbags in my humble opinion. They’ll gladly accept viewer donations knowing they’re scamming people. Disgusting really.

Responsible Gambling

Another aspect is responsible gambling. Sure, just because you’re a streamer you’re not suddenly the spokesperson for responsible gambling. But there’s no reason to go crazy with the bets. Not that I can afford big bets anyways, but even if I could there’s reason to think things over. Gambling addiction is a real problem and if people with addictive personalities see you piss your money away doing €10 bets like it’s nothing then you’re not really sending out positive signals in my opinion. But each to their own. Nothing wrong however with trying out a few big bets when you worked up your balance tho, that’s not what I’m talking about.

I am not the most experienced streamer out there, but I feel I’m part of a very warm, loving and great community and I hope it will remain so. Fake streamers will of course never be accepted. I would also like to send out a message to any casino thinking of offering fake money: DON’T DO IT! CASINO STREAMING IS GROWING RAPIDLY, IT’S HEAVILY DEBATED ON CASINOMEISTER AS WELL AS ON OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS AND CHANCES ARE ONE DAY YOU’LL GET EXPOSED OR SUFFER FROM A WHISTLE BLOWER ASSOCIATING YOUR BRAND WITH FOUL PLAY.