Tilting and Noob Stuff

I started off last night’s stream in a very good mood. Despite having been on a serious downswing the past week and not being able to hit anything at all, I was looking forward to hanging out with my friends on stream and just have a chill session.

Not exactly sure when my mood took a dive, it could have been when I realized the session was going to be another no bonus rip or when I accidentally displayed my full birth date numbers. It could even have been a simple thing like some people in chat going on and on about Shirox winning shitloads in his stream that very same evening. Now I don’t mind Shirox winning, in fact I’m super happy for him, but when you’re currently ripping like a motherf…the last thing you wanna hear about is some other guy running increadably hot lol. Didn’t help either that half of the viewers seemed to abandon my stream at that point so yeah, thank’s for promoting other streamers currently live in my chat 😛

But no really, I understand. I know how this community works. It’s a small world and people get super excited about big wins so I understand. I’m sure people have boosted my big wins in other streams too. It’s just how it works and I should learn to accept it.

Either way, I was pissed off and being a very lousy actor I couldn’t hide it either so I decided to do some 5€ spins on Book of Ra to get it over with. At that point I figured that either I hit something seriously good or just fuck it all. I couldn’t be bothered streaming for 20 hours and ending up cashing out what I deposited.

To my surprise I actually got a bonus on the 5€ bet and was awarded the Queens in the bonus. Won almost 500€ which was a minor relief at the moment, but kind of felt that it wouldn’t be enough playing Novos. A 100x win doing 5€ bets didn’t quite seem worth the risk in my opinion. smart_croatia was the voice of reason trying to talk some sense into me, saying “don’t tilt” and “you still have balance, work with it”, but despite hearing what he was saying I didn’t follow his advice. Thank you brother, you are a wonderful person <3

I ended the stream with a balance of 300€ because pretty much all viewers had left at that point and I went on to rip the rest off stream. Days like this I can’t help thinking to myself I should just retire from streaming. But when I calm down I always manage to move on and keep grinding them slots. There will be ups and downs, I just need to learn to handle it. Not every stream can be a great success of course.

A big thank you to everyone who kept supporting me despite my shitty mood. I’m very sorry about that. You guys really are the best and you make it all worth while.

Thank you.

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