The Slot Tracker

Hi boys and girls!

Yesterday a neat program called the Slot Tracker was released and I got a chance to try it out. I must say I am deeply impressed. The program has been under developement for a long time and I’ve been following it’s progress through a thread on Casinomeister. Now it’s out and it works great! However, it is a bit intimidating to look at when you’re having a bad session – all them red numbers lol.

It’s very easy to get going too. A plugin is installed to Chrome and a small programmed installed on your computer which automatically works in the background and collects all the data. I wasn’t sure how well it was going to work but when I had a look after a few spins I was amazed!

I did a short show case on Youtube, check it out…

There are three different membership options which you can see here. I personally have the gold membership since I want access to ALL functions and cool features.

 Users who join through me will receive a month of free GOLD membership as long as PayPal / card is connected (can be canceled at any time): Slot Tracker

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