The politics of Twitch

If I’m not mistaken I ripped the first bullet with only 3 or 4 bonuses in total and all of them were shit. I tried a second bullet and ripped that one on novos without a single bonus. I don’t know what’s going on but can’t really say I’m on my hottest streak ever. I somehow manage to get by with a profit anyhow since I’m managing these small 150-300 eur cashouts off stream which saves the day.

Last night I was also lucky to get a host from the eminent streamer Hunesasd which meant a bunch of new friends arriving to the stream. I’d like to take a chance to welcome all the new followers! Some of them were active in chat straight away and I feel new friendships emerging!

I’d also like to give badazzbear1 a big shout out for his generous donations. He’s been on a very hot streak lately and doesn’t seem to mind sharing it with his viewers and friends on Twitch. This man has a big heart and I hope you all show him some love back because there are VERY few streamers who gives back to the community like badazzbear1 does, not even the biggest of streamers to be honest. He pretty much shares the same philosophy I do about Twitch and this community, that it should be open, friendly, non competative and to help each other. Unfortunately this is not always the case in the Twitch casino community these days it seems as organized groups are emerging to compete for “market shares”. I don’t really like it, but there’s nothing I can do about it. There will always be weird shit going on at Twitch, anything from viewer bots to fake streamers to these kinds of syndicates. However I try just to focus on doing my own thing and have fun with my viewers.

Unfortunately this also means smaller streamers such as myself who don’t want to be part of these organized syndicates rarely or never get any hosts from bigger streamers but it’s a price I am willing to pay for my freedom and independance. I kind of also figure that if I cannot build a following on my own it’s not meant to be anyways.

But there are still a bunch of independant streamers out there who gives me great hope <3 A big shoutout to miikapekka, ladygahgah, rexborgersen and shirox1980 just to name a few!

Anyways, I’m off to Germany and Poland for some vacation but I will try to stream from the hotel room if that is possible. Otherwise I see you guys the week after that.

Much love to all of ya’ll.

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  1. fak them politics and sindicates, you are one and only and unique, and you will never kiss ass like others, just keep big winns comming so we all can enyoy yours streams…

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