The Finer Reels – The Only Slot I Can Currently Trust

If I ever before said I had a bad session, this one was worse, no doubt about. At least until balance dropped from starting point of €200 until 7 slots later and only ONE bonus down to €30 left in the wallet when I decided TFROL might save me again. Turns out it was a wise decision.

Hit a bonus that brought me back up again, raised bet from €0.60 to €1.5 when I hit 4 scatters and had got up to starting point again. Raise bet again to €1.8 and immediately hit another bonus! Hands were shaking, expecting a massive win like the one trazke showed me (check this shit out)…

But unfortunately I “only” won €100 something and eventually stopped streaming pretty much where I had started. Felt no point in going on as slots had been really cold. Might pick it up tomorrow instead 🙂 Thank’s to all of you who stood by my side during the misery and painful ripping haha. I was seriously pissed of at one time and would I have ripped like that…yeah, I would have looked like this for the rest of the week:

By the way, cat food challenge is OFF! Don’t know what the hell I was thinking. Must have still been drunk when I wrote that article yesterday lul.


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