The Drunk Stream

As I’m typing this I am still not fully recovered from last nights drunk stream. It seemed like a great idea at the time to down a whole bottle of vodka shots + beer but it turned into a terrible night. For people watching the stream I just kind of disappeared as stream kept rolling. But “behind the scene” I had crawled to the bathrom and that’s where I spent the night, on the floor, throwing up all throughout the night and into the morning.

I was doing ok and I remember that nice win I had on Dragonz…

…but it was about that time the alcohol started to hit me real hard with a delayed effect. Eventually wife had to take over as I crawled to the bathroom and after spending the night there I crawled back to the streaming room and noticed stream was still live thus turning it off at 6 am.

Sorry guys, hope it wasn’t too terrible. I have to recover now for a while before I get back but I won’t be doing any drunk streams in a while I can tell you that much.

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