The Cold Stream

I think I had my worst session in a very long time last night. Maybe ever. My overall rtp must have been down close to zero as I ripped my €250 balance with relatively small bets within 30 minutes and without getting a single bonus. I did play Novomatics and we all know how they can behave – it’s usually all or nothing, but no matter what slot I tried they were stone cold.

I had a hard time not showing my disgust and disappointment and I guess at this point I wasn’t really the best company. But that’s how I am. What you see is what you get. I’m not the streamer to sit and laugh my way through a shitty session like this and pretend it’s fun to lose money. Only an idiot would do that lol. I mean, sometimes it’s alright when you’ve been running crazy hot but to be honest the big wins have been few and far between lately.

I did deposit a second bullet and it seemed to end the same way. Wasn’t getting any bonuses and by this time I just wanted to fucking die on stream. But then it started loosing up a bit and I got some decent gameplay. Towards the end I started ripping again and decided to go down in style doing some 2€ bets on Lost Island when I had a nice basegame hit and won 290€. I eventually decided to stop streaming at 300€.

I’m going to carry on trying to wager this balance and hopefully cashout. Not sure when next stream is coming up but might be today already, otherwise per schedule for sure. Thank you guys for supporting me even through shit sessions like this <3


    • Thank you buddy!! <3

      I did however rip the rest off stream doing idiot 5 EUR bets on BoD and guess bonus. Dep another 100 EUR and ripped that too in no time doing more stupid bets lol.

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