The Chaos + upcoming events

I would like to start off with an apology to all the raffle winners who had to wait for their free spins. Apparently there was a problem with the codes sent from Rizk and I had to sort things out before free spins could be redeemed by the winners. So very sorry for this. Everyone turned out to be super understanding and not a single person complained over this. Thank you!

I will always guarantee you guys 100% that if you win free spins on Blackcatseven you WILL get them.

It’s a funny thing with free spins on Rizk. I just read this the other day on Casinomeister. It’s a representative from Rizk explaining how the economy related to casinos works:

Casino Hold is a theoretical value and cannot be used only as a guide but cannot be used to calculate anything other than between when a casino opens and a casino closes. There is always money being deposited and not withdrawn by players in a casino and you can never know whether the money that is currently invested will be withdrawn, played to extinction, partially withdrawn or even when either one of those two events will happen or if indeed it will ever happen. For example we had a player last March that won $20 with his No Deposit Free Spins, the money was left on his account until a week or so ago, the player came back and then turned this into $30,000+ and then withdrew. So when can we calculate our hold? Daily? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually? This is the reason that all listed Gaming Companies report revenues based on Gross Gaming Revenue which then trickle down to Net Revenues and EBIT figures.

This quite astonishing! Personally I have cashed out big twice from no deposit free spins. Both times I hit wild lines on Dead or Alive!

If you don’t yet have an account on Rizk and interested in joining the free spins raffles that I do on a regular basis, you can do it here.

This upcoming week will do two more raffles with Rizk. In the first raffle I will give away 10 Super Spins with 1€ value per spin and wager free to 5 lucky winners! In the second raffle I will give away 5€ cash on Rizk with 35x wagering attached to 5 winners. Good luck!

And thank you for the wonderful time today! Can’t believe I had 180 viewers! Thank you!

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