The 1000 Followers Stream!

Last night I reached a milstone. Over 1000 followers on Twitch! I remember when I started out and it was basically only me, trazke and a few others there. Honestly tho, we had as much fun then as we have now. I’m by no means a big streamer. I still concider myself part of the little league, and I don’t really mind. The downside of growing as a streamer is that it’s harder to maintain a personal connection to the viewers and it’s getting harder and harder to find time to respond to everyone. I couldn’t even keep up with the chat last night. It was super busy!

It was so much fun to do the cash raffle! I wish I could do one every stream lol. It’s great to be able to give something back to the viewers. Next time I might divide the money between more winners but this time I wanted to go all in. So last night all of this was given out to you viewers:

€100 in cash to Sunnisvans
100 Echoes on Kaboo to Hajen500
250 Echoes redeemed by viewers!

The cash raffle had 165 entries and 257 tickets bought!! A new record in my stream.

I also got around 80 new followers which meant I reached over 1000 followers on Twitch! Thank you guys! This stream certainly was epic in many ways. I even managed to hit bonuses on big bets lol.

Watch the whole stream here

See you guys next week for some more crazy sessions 🙂


  1. Hi there 🙂 its awesome to see that your channel is now bigger than ever. Like few weeks back there was only max 40-50 watching, i dont say much in chat, and last night there was so many people i didnt even say Hello cuz i though, well, hes busy ill just watch there. But like always, it was perfect stream, lots of happiness and laugh, and of course some of “NEEEEJJ!” comments when bonus rip <3

    • Sakkewa! I’ve actually had a lot more viewers before but it goes up and down. However, Saturdays is always my moost busy of streams as it is the only scheduled stream I have 🙂 Thank you so much for being there and for all the wonderful support you give me <3

  2. Dear Daniel yesterday was realy great stream so much fun, great stream and I must say a lot of work for mods keeping everything under control, but I have a blast and be there with you as you growing and wining was fun, grats on 1k followers well deserved buddy…

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