That was interesting….

Last night’s stream was pretty crazy. Had a drunk miikapekka join the stream through Skype which was pretty epic lol, but I had a hard time focusing on trying to setup Skype in the middle of the stream while also trying to focus on slots, twitch chat, youtube chat and everything else. But slots treated me good and had around 160 people watching the stream so it was a great day to stream <3.

Secret of the Stones was pretty crazy too. I decided to do some €1 bets and hit the 5 red stones 3 times in the base game! They payed €50 each so I ended up with a €150 profit on the slot despite it not giving me a bonus. I stopped streaming at €300 (€200 start) and played 5 hours off stream trying to wager and cashout. Did some €2 bets on a weird slot called Ruby Stars or something (Microgaming) because it was being really hot giving me 100x wins and stuff, but never struck gold on the bigger bets.

I stopped at €200 with €400 left to wager so all I need now on stream is a nice 1000x+ win 😀 And also, I have a nice raffle coming up! 160 free spins which comes without wager requierments on Kaboo and which you can use on mega high potential slots such as Dead Or Alive!

Let’s go!!

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