Sunday Night & Chill

Had a good 6 hour stream last night. Been lucky lately to be able to stream for many hours without rip despite not having any major wins. After a couple host the viewer count looked really good too up until my stream crashed and I had to restart it.

Didn’t finish the wager on stream however as I got too tired and had to call it a night. Later off stream with only 100€ or so left I decided to do some 4€ bets on Bonanza when I got the bonus. I was off to a really strong start on the bonus with the multiplier increasing rapidly and my heart was almost beating out of my chest knowing the potential with a big bet like this. Ended up with a 350€ win which was a little bit disappointing, but still enabled me to make a withdrawal.

Spend the rest of the evening watching my buddy Rocknrollaaaaaa stream and doing his bonus hunt. My heart was beating almost as hard when he went for his 12£ bonus on Bust the Bank, which sadly was a bit of a let down too.

My slotting status right now is kind of…meh. I’m not getting any crazy wins atm, and my cashouts are enough to cover my losses which is good I guess. But I can’t help to feel that everyone seems to be getting crazy wins left to right while I can barely save my deposit after 7 hours of wagering.

And in regard to the Cash Race it has been very interesting with a lot of things happening on the leaderboard. Really looking forward to spin the wheel at the end of the month!

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