Stream is rigged!

The rigged stream streak continues. I’m quite amazed over how different slots play for me on and off stream lately. Off stream I seem to be running really hot, but off stream it’s as cold as it can get. On the last couple of streams I’ve had around 3 or 4 bonuses in total and none probably payed more than 20x which is a f***ing joke to be honest. Can’t even remember when I had, or been close to a cashout on stream.

In financial terms it’s not a disaster because I am doing better than ever. May has been insanely good. But it’s soooooo boring to be streaming when slots are shit. I’ll be totally honest about that. You’d have to be a psychopath to fake your way through shit sessions like that.

It stands in such a stark contrast to the last few sessions I’ve had off stream that’s been super hot with bonuses hitting left and right.

Today was just awful, disgusting, bloody painful. Days like this makes me hate everything that’s related to slots. It feels totally rigged too. When it’s this cold, nothing’s going to save you, that’s my experience. It’s as if overall rtp is set to zero for your account so picking a different slot helps f**k all. Urgh…bullshit.

I can take a rip, but to rip like this leaves a really bad taste in your mouth. Start stream and don’t even have time to get into it. That’s how it’s been last couple of times.

I’ll just go punch some walls now and scream at people passing by my balcony.


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