Still shite

A €100 deposit last night and started of quite good on Immortal Romance doing €0.6-0.8 bets. Tried some Montezuma…shite. Tried some Rhino which was actually pretty hot. Got a bonus round on second spin which payed alright. Got a bonus round again which payed nothing. Was up to €140 when it all started to go downhill as usual. Ended up with empty pockets.

Was chasing wildlines today and started off good but again…games suddenly turns cold and then you’re fu**ed. 5 starts is pretty much the only thing that was interesting enough to report. Sad, I know :/

I’m not used to losing like this. It’s really worrying. Since I started playing over a year ago there’s always been ups and downs but this is ridiculous. Total drought.


  1. You know that the slots are cold when even I cant get a wild desire in IM. I dont think I got any of those during the last week I played. Im used to getting 1-2 in an hours play. 🙁

    • Yup that is a bad sign! I played quite a lot of IR, like almost on every deposit I’ve made and I NEVER hit anything good at all. IR absolutely hates me. Friday was the only good session I’ve had on the game since I don’t know when but even that wasn’t good enough. I think I’ve hit 1 Wild Desire on like 20-30 sessions and I only got one reel and won jack shit lol.

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