So this is what happens on Saturday

Saturday is coming up and it’s time to end the two campaigns and contests that’s been running all throughout March. 7 contestants have opted in for the 200 EUR cash raffle for depositors with ticket amount ranging from 1 to the maximum of 5. The winner of this raffle will be picked using the online Wheel Decider.

It’s also time to pick a winner of the Cash Wheel contest to which people have been able to redeem tickets for during the month. So far 210 tickets have been redeemed which is too many to put on a wheel so a random number generator will be used. I will display the Excel file with all the tickets (which have been placed in the order they were redeemed) and then later on use the RNG to pick a winner. We will then go back at the end of the stream to have a look at who won. This makes it a bit more exciting ūüėÄ

Really looking forward to the Saturday stream!

By the way, I ripped 250 EUR off stream and only got 1 bonus. Rigged piece of shit lul.


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