Slots killed the party

Was looking forward to a great friday night party stream and it all goes south the moment I start spinning. I’m so fucking unlucky it’s unreal. Struggled to hit a bonus on every slot and when finally doing so on the bitch slot GoT 243 (which is pretty hard to get) it embarrased me infront of my beautiful crowd only earning me €1. What a f***ing pieace of shit slot. My patience with Microgaming is really running low. I don’t know how much money I’ve put into IR without any decent win at all and let’s not even talk about Jurrasic Prank. Omg.

Off stream DoA trolled me as always. I can’t believe this crap.

Going to give it another try saturday evening. Hope to see you guys then and you can all see the misery unfold again lol. Andf THANK YOU Borgie for the kind donation. You’re too sweet!! <3

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