Saturday was insane

Yesterday was my best day on slots ever. What’s even more awesome is that many of my other friends on Twitch experienced a good run too, like Camilla9185 who hit a real beauty on Captain Venture live on stream and both smart_croatia and trazke going strong as well. Awesome!

After the crazy stream where I hit the 1925x on Jungle Spirit and was forced to eat catfood I had to take a rest and just chill for a while. I was watching the Champions League finals but decided to get on the slots again to try and finish wager. At first it seemed like it was going to be a super rigged session and money just went down the drain as balance was sinking. I had 21k when I had that win on Jungle Spirit and was now down to 15k off stream with still about 25k wager left so I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it or not to be honest. I coudn’t really hit a bonus until I tried one of my favorite recent games – Bust the Bank (available on Kaboo and Guts). 12 sek bet was alright but really no action, then raised to 15, 18 and finally 21 sek bet when the bonus came in after just a few spins. A 310x hit got me another 7k sek and after this things just went nuts.

Trying some big bets here and there doing good on the wagering but really no big wins I turned to Montezuma. 2-3 bonuses on 15 and 18 sek bet but no luck I tried 27 sek bets. Was a good decision as it meant I would have my second 20k win of the day!! Shitloads of spins on 10x multiplier and both me and wife sat there screaming together haha. Have a look…

Now balance was looking really good so I allowed myself to go nuts on Book of Dead. With 30 sek bet I got 3 bonuses but none of them really payed. Then I raised to 50 sek bet (5€) and managed to get a bonus!! It was “only” a 165x win but on a 50 sek bet it ment another 8k.

I ended up cashing out 46000 sek this evening which is the biggest cashout ever for me beating my previous record when I had the double wild line on Dead or Alive with only 500 sek.

Why isn’t every session like this lol.

I really want to share some of the fun and do a cash raffle on stream but since Revlo closed I cannot find a good platform for raffles. I really don’t feel like using Ankhbot since it has to be installed locally and I think it’s too complex anyways. If anyone knows a good one please let me know. Currently using StreamElements but raffles are for some very strange reason not possible.

Have a good day boys and girls!

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