Reel Steal, For Real?

Did a late night stream after LetsGiveItASpin, starting after midnight. Got the worst start ever as Flash crashed, then computer crashed and then…yeah everything went wrong all the time lol. But I finally managed to get the stream going.

It didn’t look too good on the slots either as balance kept dropping and bonuses were few and far in between. I was ready to rip when mistermanga requested me to play Reel Steel. Expecting nothing at all from it since I never had a single big win before and rarely even a bonus, I went on to play €0.90 bets. With not too much money left I got a bonus round…and it payed! 490x+ something which was a real balance saver (again). But Reel Steal was not done yet. Just a few moments later I hit 5 scatters!! I honestly thought it was going to be huge, a bit like Dead Or Alive where you get 2500x, but it “only” payed €90. Not bad at all, but yeah I did expect more from that since it’s so rare. I did however also get 25 spins instead of the regular 15 so there was more hope. In the end it was nothing to go down in the history books but again, all in all a nice balance saver, ending the stream at €600.

Since I decided to take song requests and play some music Youtube muted my clips but I do have the original ones with sound which you can see here 😀 I had to whisper a bit as it was around 3 am and the whole neighbourhood was asleep.

The big win.

The 5 scatters

A bit of a funny moment when Kramer killed our ears with a donation. Too bad you can’t see the chat 😀

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