Raffle? Really?

I was a bit surprised to see such activity in the chat right from the start as it usually takes some time to build up an amount of viewers. But I didn’t think too much of it and just took it as a compliment being an awesome streamer (lol).

But when a few viewers started asking about raffles I kind of got suspicious and left the room to have a look at my streaming title. Sure enough, I had forgotten to change it since my last stream where I also had a raffle. Doh!

I wasn’t stressed out about giving away money, but more that I hadn’t prepared for it. Being a cat of his word I stuck to it and did the raffle. Congrats Ekkiejj for the 50€. Hope it serves you well!

We currently got a SHITLOAD of slot reviews and sneak previews for you up on www.bigwinboard.com so be sure to check it out! Actually many of these previews you get there before anywhere else.

And oh, another thing. You can now play the awesome Dream Catcher wheel thingy on Thrills, Kaboo and Rizk now!

Stay tuned for more cash raffles, planned or not planned 😀

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