October Cash Wheel

The October final leaderboard has been established. At times it has been quite dramatic with people dropping out and others climbing fast. Nathan_Bainbridge held the top position for over 2 weeks but was cought up by viewer whheee who gambled his way up to the top. A bit stressed by this and not fully understanding the terms of the competition Nathan then gambled his way out of the race. Both regulars smart_croatia and camilla had a position on the leaderboard for quite a long time until both of them also gambled their points to rip.

Interesting to note is that a few lurkers made it into the top 25 and while their support is of course appreciated (I understand not everyone likes to chat) I’ve been looking for a way to automatic extra points for active users, but sadly this is not technically possible at the moment.

Not exactly sure when I will spin the wheel but likely this weekend. Winners are not required to be present at the time of the draw, but they must claim their prize within 48 hours + make sure they are eligible.

Congrats to those who made it to the top 25 and good luck!


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