Not the start I hoped for

I was hyped, I was getting jiggy with it, I was pouring up beer and prepairing for the come back of the century – then I ripped in no time!

What an awful session guys! One lousy bonus during the 45 minute stream – ONE! And that was a 4 scatter course on Black Knight that payed next to nothing. I barely had time to say hello to everyone 🙁

To be honest, and I bet you guys could tell, it felt a bit awkward to be streaming again after an almost full month of absence. It will probably take a stream or two before I get into it again. I was nervous, I was disorientated (lol), I wasn’t keeping up with chat, I didn’t know the f**k I was doing on the slots (obviously).

But hey, it was GREAT seeing you all again and I really, really appreciate the warm welcome back to the community that I got! I missed a few guys, animator, trazke (wrote to me right after I closed stream), korshac and so on, but I hope to see them all next stream 🙂

After my insane win on Dead or Alive just recently (40,800 SEK) I have done nothing but ripped. It’s been insanely cold after that win. 10k SEK gone in 3 days and nothing to show for it. Had plenty of bonuses on 20 and 30 SEK bets with massive potential, but never payed me more than 50x. Horrible! :/

Oh well, it’s super nice to be back again and I hope we can have another great run together until next summer 😀

Cheers for upcoming drunk streams, rip sessions with me bitching and moaning, awkward moments, big wins and chat trolls haha.

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