Not really hitting anything

Slots have been pretty…meh, for me lately. It’s reached a point where I’m almost bored with it. I think I uploaded 5-6 videos in 2 weeks and none of them really that amazing. It used to be way better than that. Financially it’s not a disaster which some seem to think. It might be because of the way I whine lol. I manage some small cashouts here and there and pretty much recovering my losses. The other night I went on a tilt, deposited 100€ after 100€ after 100€ but eventually recover it all. Don’t even know how I beat wager since I’m getting nothing over 100-150x it seems. I’d say 19 out of 20 bonuses I’m getting (when I finally get one) are crap.

I must admit it takes the fun out of streaming a bit. I’m a gambler before anything and when on a downswing like this I’m not really feeling the motivation. Then again, I think it’s necessary to keep streaming, to show the upsides and downsides. I don’t have to stop playing or take a break, it’s not that bad. I have built a big buffert in relation to my gambling level. After all, I’d like to think I’m still a pretty responsible gambler. My deposits are max 125€, but usually 80€.

Watching other streamers upload new big win videos everyday, sometimes more than one per day, I can’t understand how it’s possible. Sure, some sessions are really good of course, but 200x+ videos every single day? I don’t think that happened to me even at the best of times. But good for them of course. Guess Im just bitter lol.

I’m currently on my worst downswing ever. Been tracking my gameplay since Nov 2016 and slots have been crazy good up until the past 2-3 weeks (for a normal player this is not a long time, but for a streamer it is, depositing once or even more times per day). Wasn’t long ago since I had my biggest single win ever so not really complaining (yes I am), but I just hate losing money, no matter how much I am ahead.

I know it’s part of gambling but I can’t help thinking what I could have done with the money instead. Since my ambition is to keep streaming I have made a concious decision to re-invest it into my streaming and I will do it until I cannot afford it anymore. If it comes to a halt, at least I haven’t had to take a loan or rip all of my income which I know other streamers had to do (in that sense I’m lucky). This money I’m playing with is the buffert I have built up during this past year that has pretty much been a long winning streak.

Affiliation has helped at times too, but to be honest no where near to make any real difference. A streamer of my size is not getting rich doing this. In fact, I have to pay to promote the casino lol. At least I had luck on slots and I’m fine with that at the moment, but in the long run as a streamer you really need to get the business part going as well. Problem is the big streamers are vacuuming up all the signups and only the crumbles are left to the small guys haha.

Business is boring as f**k, but a necessity if casino streaming is your hobby. I love to entertain. Been an entertainer all my life as a musician. At the moment slots have replaced music as my passion because music ended up burning me out and I had to get away from it. Casino streaming just happens on the fly, which is way more relaxing and easier. No need for long dragged out recording sessions, touring and such.

But yeah…if slots would have been better I would definately have been streaming more. But it is what it is. I know some streamers just see slots as a tool for promoting casinos and getting signups. For me however, slots are the reason I’m even doing this. You can believe me or not, I don’t care. But affiliation for me is just a necessity to be able to do what I want to do. I’m not really approaching it to get rich. I’d rather make a profit from slots than affiliation. It’s way more fun.

But of course, the casino might not agree…

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