New week, Let’s do this!!

It’s easy to forget the cold streaks when you’re running hot. At the moment things are very good for me as you could see in my spreadsheet posted earlier. Currently it looks like I got February covered and will be able to stream on a regular basis. Because that’s what worries me the most – rip is one thing, and it’s never fun of course, in fact it’s horrible to be on a cold streak, but to not be able to stream would be depressing.

I started streaming at a pretty bad timing to be honest. Only working half time income is kind of shit and the first month of streaming I wasn’t sure if I was going to last. I have savings and was willing to invest some of that to keep going for a while, but at the same time it’s shit to spend savings on slots. Then the 4 reel Wild Desire hit and things just took off from there. I’m a pretty responsible gambler too (most of the time) so when I rip it’s hits I can take. I very rarely do one bullet after another or go all in on my bets.

I actually started streaming in march of 2016 for the first time. Like many of the other streamers I was influenced by what was going on on Twitch. I was watching Kim and thought to myself, this looks fun, I can do this. Having been an entertainer for a long time in music I knew I would enjoy doing this.

Back then I didn’t care about affiliation or anything like that. I did manage to terrorise iGame to give me a VIP bonus of 100 EUR with 50x wager attached once a week, which they did lol. I ripped it every time and never had any really big wins. It was fun streaming, but it took too much of my time and it became expensive. Just before summer I decided to just give up and move on.

But during the whole summer I was getting message after message from people asking when I would be back and it motivated me to wanting to try it again. So after the summer I started looking into a way to be able to maintain a streaming career by shopping around for some kind of deal. I got a really good connection with the guys at Betit Group and they believed in me enough to offer me some deposit bonuses. It was still no guarantee to survive streaming. In fact, it was pretty much shit in the beginning and I started thinking about giving up again.

Signups were few and big wins too. I still had a lot of fun tho so I figured in worst case scenario I will just do this whenever I can, even if it’s just once per month. But yeah, then the Wild Desire hit and a €2k+ cashout got me going with another €1.1k cashout a couple of days later. But I’m still very sensitive to fluctuations in my gambling luck…obviously.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed the story 😀 I’ll be hopefully streaming tomorrow tuesday at around 1 pm (GMT) <3


    • Guys at Kaboo said today – wow, that guy smart croatia is winning all the time haha. I was like – I’m so happy for him. If anyone deserves it, it is him <3

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