More of Everything!

So much going on right now with and the stream that I have been putting a lot of work and effort into. I really feel like things are starting to fall into place and the stars are aligning.

First of all – I have scraped the old point and rank system that used to be based on something called Ankhbot and instead implementing a new system based on Revlo. From now on instead of doing the usual raffles (which are fun, but kind of time consuming when in reality we all want to be play and watch slots right?) you as a viewer will be able to collect points per 10 minutes in the stream which you can then use to redeem Echoes on Kaboo. Not only that, you can also gamble your points in chat and do all sorts of other fun stuff with it. I am still working on setting everything up and finding a nice balance between cost per award and such, but I really like where this is going.

Have a look here: BlackCatSeven on Revlo

The competition on will remin where you have a chance to win a juicy 100 Echoes so make sure to enter!

I have also setup a forum on the site so if you register you can use your account to write on the forum, comment on articles and even write articles yourself if you want. Of course there won’t be a lot of action on the forum straight away but I think we would make it into a nice hangout together 🙂

That’s it for now, already looking forward to the next stream!

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