Let’s Talk Kaboo

So as mentioned in my previous post I started streaming in mars of 2016. I managed to make a deal with a casino called iGame (now owned by Unibet) and received one no deposit VIP bonus of €100 once per week to wager 50 times. Needless to say I ripped every time. 50x wagering is after all quite brutal. I had to give up streaming since it became too expensive, but when I came back to give it a second try after the summer I was lucky to cross the path of the team at Kaboo.

No casino was prepared to give a small timer like me a chance and so I couldn’t find a sustainable deal. Streaming can be very expensive so you need some sort of support in the form of deposit bonuses to keep you going and even with that it can be really tough. Deposit bonuses gives you an edge but it’s far from any guarantee. You still have to invest your own money and when shit turns cold…lol.

But the guys at Kaboo must have seen something in me that others did not and we just clicked right away. I guess they saw this streaming thing as something fun and crazy and I think they recognized my passion for it (ok I might have nagged and nagged for days haha). I also loved playing at Kaboo and knew they had a very good reputation so it was a casino I knew I could promote without any second thoughts whatsoever. Their sister casino Thrills has an awesome score on Casinomeister and Betit Group overall is concidered one of the finest in the industry.

So Kaboo believed in me from the very start and I love everything about them – their fast cashouts, the no wager free spins, the awesome collection of slots and the layout. The love deepened as I kept having my biggest wins (lol) and currently I’m €6500 up on the slots since I started streaming.

I also happen to know that Kaboo was the one casino that got LetsGiveItASpin a push too but with another twist haha. In his own words:

My casino streaming career started after winning 85,000 SEK on Kaboo from two 1,000 SEK deposits back in October 2015.

I feel really at home with Kaboo now and love playing there and I hope we can build something great together and offer our viewers some fun and interesting entertainment with a chance to benefit as well 🙂 Because that’s another thing about Kaboo – they are generous with their giveaways and my viewers have been able to redeem and win no wager free spins and other goodies worth thousands already and there is more to come.

I’m ending this article with a screenshot from user “letmewin89” who had this CRAZY hit on Kaboo just recently:


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