Last Night On Twitch

I’ve been experiencing a couple of quite interesting weeks of gambling after the return from my vacation. It started with my biggest win to date when I hit a 40k SEK wild line on Dead or Alive on Thrills.

After this mega win I experienced what many seems to have experienced as well – I couldn’t hit anything decent at all. Not even over 100x in probably 10-15 deposits. I did eventually recover some of the losses with a 10k SEK withdrawal (which felt like a miracle as I really had no big wins at all) but started losing again and so after having my biggest win ever I am now having my coldest run ever as well.

The bullshit sessions reached it’s peak it seemed like yesterday when I made 4 deposits in quick succession (totaling about 350€) which lasted about 20 minutes getting not ONE single bonus. It was for sure one of my worst runs ever. I felt completely cheated and disguisted by what felt like 5% RTP gameplay. Sure, I was playing mostly (but not exclusively) high volatility slots from Novomatic and Merkur but still felt like shit.

So after complaining to the wife for half an hour I wondered what to do next and the best thing I could come up with was to get shitfaced and stream some slots. Seems like the worst possible decision to make at this point, but as it turns out it saved my ass.

After around 10 beers and having pulled out the guitar to do the usual drunk serenading I started to see the end of the tunnel of the wagering. Tombah, Camilla1985, trazke1 and JohnnyDBravo helped me pick some really good slots and without them a cashout would likely not have been possible. It was however Tombah in particular who stepped forward to support me throughout the stream and keeping me on the right track when I started to stear away into the crazy high volatile areas that has such a strong pull on me.

Later on Tombah, Skylined87, Camilla1985, HuggeHugg, Ldndude and Badazzbear1 joined the stream through Skype (plus some other weird dudes who added me as I was too drunk to realize I shouldnt have called out my Skype ID live on stream lul) and had a BLAST!

Most important, I ended up recovering my earlier losses of the day and even Tombah got a cut as a way to show my appreciation for his support <3

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