It’s all about you!

So the wednesday stream ended with rip, but honestly – I have never had so much fun ripping my balance. The stream was full of positive energy which just kept on bouncing between me and the viewers. I love it when viewers are social, active and responsive. Those are the best of times and the reason I want to keep doing this. Personally I’m more into shorter but more intense kind of streams than dragged out sessions just trying to generate as much uptime as possible. So a BIG shoutout to all of you who made the wednesday stream what it turned out to be!

Earler in the week someone forwarded some critique that I should try new slots to not get stuck in a repetative pattern. I do listen to my viewers and want them to feel involved and also I agree on this as there’s been a little too much of the same slots lately (even though the slots I’ve been playing are generally concidered the most popular ones). So Badazzbear1 constructed a command for me (!sp = slotpicker) which helps me pick a random viewer who then gets to pick a slot to play. Even though we did bust in the end (and I am not blaming you guys lol) it was great fun to try stuff on Kaboo I usually don’t play like Elements and Wild Toro.

Big thank’s to borgie1234 and markmall for the kind donations! <3

As I don’t really have a set schedule please turn notifications on if you don’t want to miss my streams. The only set schedule I have is for the saturday 8 pm (CET) stream.

Love you guys!

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