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A slot producer and coder has stepped forward on Casinomeister to answer questions about online slots. This is a great thread and opportunity to get some insight into a world that is otherwise very secret to us. This is how he introduces himself:

Hey all

I’ve been a member of CasinoMeister since 2013, but to be honest i signed up and then didn’t use the site (i know, i’m bad!)
However, as someone who plays slots and has working in the Fruit Machine and Slots industry over the past 20 years as a producer/coder (although i haven’t coded for 10 years!), i have a real passion for the games!

Therefore, i’d like to invite you all to ask me anything you want Fruit Machine / Slot machine related – i’ll do my best to answer any questions you might have about maths design, games production, etc. that you might want to know, and dispel (or even support) any myths you may have and want to discuss.

I also promise to be a lot more active on here from now on…


The very first question he gets is:

OK, here’s a common one. Is there 100% guaranteed NO mechanism that affects the outcomes when stakes are raised or when big wins have just occurred? There have been numerous observations on here about various slots where it’s pretty indisputable (Second Strike after a few wins and Vikings Go Berserk when near the main cumulative Ragnok spins) that the game changes, almost like the RNG pool of values has been amended in a compensatory way.

And his answer soon follows:

Oh man,where should I start!

But nice to have you here as you probably have seen the hundreds of discussions about



– Rigged Slots etc etc.
Nice if you’d chime in from time to time to give your opinion and views.

Much appreciated man!

My first one: Cleopatra Plus is faulty coded and IGT sucks bigtime…about 4k down on this vile machine…Where is my chunk of the


Very very very hard to trigger the Free Spins and chances of a big win in them are actually small to none.

So what exactly is


? What does it do for me if I am pounding deposit after deposit in to the same slot?

Read the thread here, it is full on interesting facts and theories.

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