In The Dead of Night

My second wednesday stream went way better than the first one (which I ripped). I decided to make my biggest deposit yet on stream with €250+€250. Was a bit nervous as I had already burned a lot of money in the past few days and initially the stream started pretty bad. Was down to about €400 in a matter of minutes after Montezuma having raped me for the second time in one day (without a single bonus) when Immortal Romance saved me. I actually had 4 Wild Desires in a very short time but it was the second one where I hit 400x on a 90 cent bet on Kaboo.

A while later I had a 200x win on Playboy so at one point I was up to a €1000 balance.

Later during the evening the all mighty RexBorgersen joined the chat which turned out to be a great laugh. I dunno what Rex was doing, if he was knocked out of the fever from the flu he had or whatever, but somehow he managed to refer to a porn site when he was trying to show his big win 😀 Apparently my facial expression was quite amusing to people lol. Someone said they could see “signs of recognition” in my face haha. Great moment. No one trolls like you Rex <3. This was the video he shared with us by the way.

I’ll be back on saturday at 8 pm with a starting balance of €800. Hope to see you there!

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