I’m Still the King of Bust the Bank

A lot of interesting things went down last night on stream. Kicked it off with the Hide the Cat competition which was a lot of fun. The deal is, I hide a couple of cat icons on my site worth 25€ each and people go looking for them. The first one to find a cat wins the money. The downside of this is that the chat goes very quiet lol. Congrats to smart_croatia and allreven for finding them. I think it took them about 40 minutes and they actually found one cat only 2 minutes apart.

Session was magical last night and a rollercoaster like so often. Was good, then it was not so good, and then it was amazing and then it was shit and so on. But the best part was when I had a 780x win on Bust the Bank! Holy shit! It was on a 1.50€ bet so the win was over 1150€. I hit the best symbol once and the second best symbol once, which has never happened before. If you’re lucky you’ll get a one premium hit during the bonus. I came back to that slot later to do some 2.70€ bets and got the Piggy Bank feature where I won 200€ + another 100€. 

Nothing else really worked so with a 1000€ balance (10,000 SEK) I stopped for the night. I know I promised to continue wagering on friday, but I couldn’t stay away. Ended up cashing out 750€ which to be honest was a little bit of a disappointment. Not a single big win and hardly any bonuses. But it’s still good money so I’ll take it.

Thank’s to RexBorgersen and Rocknrollaaaaaa for stopping by! Great honour to have two of the greatest casino streaming giants visiting my stream!

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