How Does It Feel?

After cashing out 8k + 24k + 11k SEK in the past few streams, it honestly felt a bit weird to rip. I can’t even remember when I last ripped on stream but now it’s a fact. The loss itself in financial terms was obviously not a big blow, but what worries me right away is the thought of hitting another long, cold streak. I want to win, not only because of the money but because it makes the streams so much more fun. It really sucks to rip, both on and off stream of course.

I’ve done a few late night streams this week which I had to do because of my job and it was great fun. Very different from my other streams I think. And thank’s to a host from LetsGiveItASpin on tuseday there was a lot of people watching, so thank you Kim! I even made a promise to the guys in the chat – a win over 1000x and I would round kick the Christmas Tree to the ground haha. I was a bit worried it would come to that when Rhino started acting all generous and stuff 😛 Thankfully the tree survived…but I would have blamed it on the cat anyways.

I did make a small 500 SEK deposit off stream last night and managed to wager and cash out €1500 so recovered some of the losses from the stream. Dunno when I will be streaming again as I just do it whenever I feel like it (so activate notifications if you don’t want to miss my streams) but saturday at 8 pm for sure, as usual.

Hope to see you all soon! <3

By the way, I hit the double stars on DoA last night. Not the biggest win but always a bit fun 🙂


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