Houston, we have a problem…

I’m like Sunderland in the Premier League, can’t win shit at the moment and a losing streak so bad it makes Uzbekistan look like the best national football team since Brazil won the world cup two times in a row.

We’re not just talking good ol’ rips here. This is some brOotal shit going on. There’s three scenarios happening it seems like. Either…

A) I get no bonuses at all (yes, it happened more times than I can remember lately).

B) I get bonuses here and there but they are all shit.

C) I get a 200x win on the occasion but after that it’s colder than a dead penguins anus on the coldest day of winter on Antarctica.

Last night was no exception. Ripped a small bullet off stream first (and I had promised myself not to play off stream anymore, so yeah…awesome dicipline Black cat). Then I went on to rip 2 bullets on stream and another one off stream (well done Black cat you fucking moron).

However, it’s not all a total disaster…yet. I look at my spreadsheet and see that my buffert is still in the green and quite on the safe side too. It’s just, at this rate that buffert is going to be rekt like a virgin visiting prison.

I know things can turn around so fast. One crazy hit on Dead or Alive or some other high variance slot and you’ve made it all back + some more. I just need that hit real soon lul.

Ok, enough of the bitching and moaning. See ya’ll on stream tonight…I hope. I’m kind of down with the flu so in worst case scenario I have to do a walkover.

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  1. yeah buddy we are in same shitty situation, but I hope that things must turn around asap, and finnaly get some cashout… feel better soon…

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