Happy 2018 To The Casino Streaming Community!

I hope ya’ll had a great new years eve!

I enjoyed quite a mature evening myself, with a three course dinner, champagne and a lot of laughs. At midnight we went out to shoot some rockets, my dad almost killing himself like he does every new years eve. The old man stuck the rocket into the frozen ground and I told him, dad, that rocket aint gonna fly, but he would have none of it. I backed the fk out of there but didn’t get far before the thing exploded on the ground, a blast glowing like 10 suns, making my ears ring. I turn around and my dad, who was standing only 2 meters from the blast, looks at me with an expression of confusion and then lets out a big grin. Jeez.

2017 was a very good year for me on the slots. All in all I ended up on the plus side with a very good profit, my single largest cashout being 7500€. But I’m also starting to see a trend of going longer and longer in between cashouts and even getting 200x wins seems way harder than it used to. I do suspect that a lot of it comes down to GiG introducing Big Time Gaming slots, which are all very high variance. I honestly feel like I should stay away from them, even though it’s hard knowing the insane potential of those slots. But then again, how many really do hit those crazy 5-10 000x wins? Not that many I would think. Chances are probably greater of ending up with a cashout playing less volatile slots.

Where do I stand in terms of casino streaming? Well, sometimes I feel like the dark forces have conquered Twitch and casino streaming. I’m starting to feel more and more detached from the whole thing to be honest. I don’t think I will stop streaming, but I find myself putting more time into my sites Bigwinboard.com and Swegamblers.se, than I do streaming. The ONLY thing that keeps me going are my regulars. That’s the only thing I care about nowdays in the casino streaming community. Everytime I’ve been away for a while and see how genuinely happy my friends are to see me, I’m reminded why it’s all worth while. It may sound cheesy, but it’s true. The rest of the casino streaming spectacle I honestly try to ignore. I even purposely stay away from Twitch when not streaming and choose to do something more productive instead.

I’d really like to take this opportunity to thank each and everone of you who have been supporting me through 2017. I don’t know what makes you come back to watch this dork stream, but I’m happy you are there because it would be very boring otherwise lol.

Looking forward to sharing some insane moments on stream with you guys. Let’s hope 2018 will be a good year for all of us!

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