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Thankfully been a bit lucky lately. After a long, hard, cold streak I finally started having some cashouts. €900 on Casumo, then another €300 followed by €200 from free spins on the same casino! Not bad at all. Same thing on Kaboo with a couple of €250 cashouts. I was up €1000 since I started streaming at one point, but now I am down to €750 which is still not bad. Problem is I play too much off stream, something I shouldn’t be doing if I want to keep streaming.

When I first started streaming in October I was doing so bad I had to concider if I really would be able to do this at all. I had to even concider stop gambling all together. I couldn’t get a decent hit for the life of me and cashout was no where in sight, not even a small glimpse of hope. Slots were no fun at all. But then they started coming in. What seemed to have helped was to raise the bet a little bit. I know it probably might sound stupid to some, but going from €0.30 to €0.60 helped wagering a bit better and when I got a hit it would hit bigger of course.

Recently I’ve been trying some bigger bets off stream to see if I could generate some nice wins – €2 on GoT, €0.90 on DoA, €1 on Flame Dancer and so on, but no luck. Drains the balance too fast even with an alright balance of €250. I don’t want to become too degenerate and get stuck in a bad place. Doing bigger bets has it’s time and place. If during wagering I manage to build a big bank roll, then sure why not. But starting to chase those big wins is too much of a risk at the moment.

Here are some of my nicest wins recently. Always fun to see what small rolling can generate, because after all – most gamblers won’t be doing bigger bets than this.


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