Gonzo of all slots

So I ended stream today with a €100 something profit which I decided to play off stream with and leave the €200 for the saturday stream.

Balance went up and down a bit and was doing really good on a new slot called Divine Fortune with almost a full screen wilds (hoped it would pay better tho)…

I eventually went down to the €200 where I had decided to stop, but yeah…I kind of like to gamble so I went for it lol. That’s when shit got worse. Playing 12 slots in a row without a single bonus the rip was imminent :,( Being really disappointed with myself I went for a slot I would never otherwise trust to save me – Gonzo’s Quest. A few spin into it I had no particular sense of where it was going at all and was just waiting to move on to the last slot when I hit a bonus out of the blue on a single spin. For some reason I got 20 free spins and being the noob that I am I really can’t explain why lol. I thought you usually only get 10?

The bonus was nothing special until I also hit a retrigger! Soon after I had a decent hit and won €120 going right back up to €200!! What a save haha.

This time I decided to stop and leave it for the stream. €1300 left to wager so still a long way to go but possible if I have a couple of nice hits 🙂

See ya’ll on saturday <3

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