Gonzo in the House! + Contest Winner

I’m on a crazy hot run at the moment and just enjoying it while it lasts!

Was a very good stream and session tonight. Started pretty good right hitting bonus after bonus and balance went from €200 to €500 where it stayed for most of the time. The hot runs came in waves with some cooler periods inbetween where I didn’t seem to hit any bonuses at all. There were no mega big wins today but decent bonuses kept me afloat all along. I had a 200x+ win on Monte pretty early on and then this beauty a bit later:

I stopped the stream with a balance of €400 and kept on playing off stream where I hit another nice bonus on Gonzo with a bigger bet. Check it out:

Ended up wagering and cashing out again!! This time a juicy €700 withdrawal 🙂

Regarding the contest on Blackcatseven.com where you have to guess what my biggest multiplier win will be on the saturday stream: Kaboo user chweaw is the lucky winner of 50 Echoes having guessed 245x. Well done!

See you guys next week for some more raffles, slots and maybe even catfood 😀


  1. Omg I can’t believe i actually won something! I was just checking my echo balance on kaboo when I saw that I had an extra 50 that I had no clue where they came from. My brain activated and I thought, shit, maybe I won that contest on Blackcatseven.com. And here I am! What a lucky guess! Thank you so much for the echoes! If I win anything good I’ll keep you updated!

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