Friday Fun

It’s nice to be back streaming again. As you guys know, I’ve been super busy working with, and honestly it’s been nice to take a bit of a break. But being back I haven’t realized how much I’ve missed it and it’s amazing to see my regulars find their way back still sticking by my side. Thank you so much guys!!

The slots were treating me quite good during the first half of the stream, but then things went downhill. I actually lasted a bit over 4 hours which is some kind of record as it seems I usually rip within an hour.

Started with a €250 balance and got up to €500 at some point. Some slots worked really well during the session. The new Gold King from Play’n GO gave me 4 bonuses and helped me build the balance. Silent Run suggested by smart_croatia was nice too and Montezuma gave me a 10 minute bonus lol. I put my last hope into Bonanza, which actually gave me a bonus on €2 bet, but got scammed.

Thank’s again for watching guys. Was super fun!

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