Epic run on Thrills Casino

Where do I even start? These past two weeks haven been tough, no doubt about that. After that near 1000x win I had on Dragonz things were really bad. I couldn’t hit anything worth while and streams were rip after rip. It was so bad that last night I started to have rants about all of this and I felt like there was no point in streaming if it’s gonna be this cold. I have had cold streaks before, everyone has them. It’s simply the nature of the game, but it’s always a struggle.

So I decided to try a new approach and try Thrills in stead. I mean, I am still up like €6000 on Kaboo overall but I felt like I wanted to give Thrills a chance now. I had never played there before ever but I knew the brand very well being accredited on Casinomeister and all with a fine score and a very solid reputation. Thrills is concidered one of the finest online casinos in the business.

So I made a €100 + €100 deposit and started streaming at around 8 pm (CET). At first my luck was not much different. Balance dropped pretty fast and session was about to rip after about 1 hour. But then I decided to try out Nirvana (Yggdrasil) and soon triggered the bonus…then I retriggered the second bonus…then I retriggered the THIRD bonus!! Now this is something that has been on my bucket list since way back. It’s not something that happens very often!

As awesome as it was to trigger this the end result was a bit of a disappointment to be totally honest knowing how much potential this has. But 254x is still not by any means bad!

Triggering the bonus with 4 scatters and activating all 3 bonus features!

Despite this win the balance started dropping again after a while as bonuses got few and far apart. Tried a lot of different slots and was running a bit cold again. At that moment I decided to go for viewer Sunnisvans suggestion to play Terminator 2. I got a 2-3 bonus rounds and I was doing alright slowly building my balance back a bit while joking about the “Hot Mode” feature that you can get on T2 if you are extremely lucky (some played this for years and never had it)…that’s when it came! I didn’t even really realize it at first as can be seen in the video that will be posted on my Youtube channel. But the Hot Mode ended up resulting in a 565x win. Very nice indeed! Viewer Sunnisvans was awarded with 20 Echoes on Kaboo for the nice pick 😀

“Hot Mode”, everything turns orange!

So after all of this I ended the stream at €350 to carry on another day. I was happy with this and finally felt a bit of hope for a cashout. But after turning off the camers I told myself to play it down to €300 (we’re degenerates after all lol), which I did…then I played it down to €270 and decided to give Dead or Alive a try down to €250 and just call it a night after that.

I got the bonus quite early on. I remember thinking there’s no chance in hell I’m every going to get the bonus this early on as the wheels were spinning waiting for the third scatter symbol to hit. And it did! Ok, still nothing really special about that but yeah…bonus starts and a wild drops early…then another…then nothing…then more and then A LOT more! With 5 spins left to go of the normal bonus I had collected a double wild line!!!! And I still had the +5 spins too, which meant 10 spins of double wild line wins! This ended in a 8163x win!! Imagine that, 4,50 SEK paying 36,737 SEK…approximately €0,45 paying €3673 (actually more like €0,47 paying €3800).

I was in total shock. My hands were actually shaking. I had been ripping so bad on the slots lately and was running so bad then I have this kind of comeback. I could never even have dreamed of it.

This is my biggest win ever, beating my €3310 win on a €6 bet.

So this is what my dep/withdrawal stats looks like since the big Dragonz cashout:

2017-01-29 Deposit Kaboo -50,00 €
2017-01-30 Deposit Kaboo -50,00 €
2017-01-31 Deposit Kaboo -100,00 €
2017-02-01 Deposit Kaboo -100,00 €
2017-02-02 Deposit Kaboo -200,00 €
2017-02-03 Withdrawal Kaboo +50,00 €
2017-02-05 Deposit Kaboo -100,00 €
2017-02-05 Deposit Casumo -50,00 €
2017-02-06 Deposit Kaboo -100,00 €
2017-02-07 Deposit Kaboo -100,00 €
2017-02-07 Deposit Commun. Deposit -100,00 €
2017-02-08 Deposit Thrills -100,00 €
2017-02-09 Withdrawal Thrills +4548,00 €

Total: +€3448

If you feel like giving Thrills a try yourself you can get started with my exclusive signup offer at www.blackcatseven.com/thrills

■ 1 no deposit super spin* (*Aus, Can, Ger, Fin, UK, NL, Nor and Swe players)
■ Up to 200% on your first deposit
■ 20 super spins

I will most likely do a cash raffle to share some of my cashout with you guys! So stay tuned <3

Thank you for all the kind support!!


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