Drunken Cat Food Challenge

For the first time in my life I’m actually glad we didn’t get a 500x+ win. Apparently I was so drunk that I promised we would eat a spoon of cat food should we hit 500x or more. For me it’s not a CATastrophe, I think I could do it (might throw up tho) but if I know the wife right she would struggle really hard 😀 When we hit 4 scatters on Reel Steal I kind of feared for our health haha. Cat Food Challenge is still on!

We also tried a new stream setup last night, kind of a social experiment setting up two cameras in the appartment allowing viewers to follow our movements. I think it was kind of nice and something I would like to keep doing.

The gambling itself however was super bad. I did manage to wager with a balance of €190 left but decided to go for it as it was not big enough to cash out but eventually dropped to zero. Wishmaster was a real money grabber and drained the balance fast!! Decided to do a second bullet depositing €100 + €100 but that ripped even faster :,(

Raffle was a lot of fun and viewer JohnnyDBravo managed to win 1st place and grab the 60 Echoes! Congrats to everyone who won! I also see that entries are starting to drop in for the multiplier guessing contest on Blackcatseven.com which is great! It doesn’t cost you any tickets/points to enter so just do it.

Next time I’m probably streaming from the slot cell again but I’m actually looking forward to going back to my lil’ crib 😛

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