Doomed from start

Yesterday’s stream took me down to earth a bit after being on a pretty nice winning run. It was one of those sessions where I just new 15 minutes into it that it was going nowhere and that nothing would save me. I’m not one to normally call slots rigged and I’m not much into conspiracy theories, but sessions like this truly makes me wonder because it just seems like they flipped the kill switch on you. It doesn’t seem to matter what you do, it’s going to be shit either way.

I did get bonuses, plenty of them but they all seemed to pay a ridiculous 10x. Bonus after bonus was shit and basegames were just endless deadspins. It’s honestly not fun to stream crap like that when you are experienced enough to know that you’re screwed lol. I was asked to do a second bullet but I felt it would be more useful to use that money for the cats litter box. However, I must admit that I did play a second bullet off stream later that evening and lo and behold…it was just as bad. Again, I was getting bonuses, plenty off them but they were all crap. I just stopped getting excited after a while. I got a bonus on Book of Ra, bonus on Lucky Lady’s Charm and off all games I even managed to get a bonus on Captain Venture…but none payed over 10x. What a joke 😀

I don’t know, maybe this is just the normal state of slots and I’ve been lucky as hell inbetween the shit sessions. All I know is that on days like that it really makes me lose interest in slots. 

I’m soon of to Mallorca, Spain but will try to do another stream before that. If not, I guess I see you guys in Spain as I might do a stream from the hotel 🙂


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