Dead Or Alive insanity

So I deposited small last evening, a sum of €12 just to feed my gambling addiction and get some €0.09 spins out of Dead Or Alive lol. I ended up playing for 6 hours, then go to bed, wake up and hit 5 scatters. I can’t really remember how it all played out in terms of the timeline but I started of good on Dead Or Alive and unlocked all 5 wilds in the bonus round. However, it was not a wildline but it earned me some €75 which was nice.


I can’t really remember when this came, but somewhere along the line…


But then it all went shout as the hours went along. Raised the bet to €0.18 and got into a bonus round that’s never looked so promising. I got 4 of the wilds after just 2 spins and they were in a perfect line! Sadly though I never got the last wild which was devistating but at least it saved my balance in the middle of the night when I only had €6 left to play with. Phew!

So I kept going at it and trying some different games. Had a couple of big wins on Game Of Thrones 243 but nothing amazing. Won some on Ruby Slippers and then I got a really nice round on Montezuma that could have been epic. Hitting the x10 multiplier I got up to something like 40 spins. I was sure this was going to be a big one, but it f***ed me over lol. Still won €150 so can’t complain.

I ended up cashing out €100 and still had €30 to play with. Woke up this morning, had some coffee and went at it again. Then suddenly out of the blue Dead Or Alive gave me this little gift!


Now lets chace that triple wildline 😀


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